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Autism is Biomedical

Children's Race

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder globally
Autism affects 1 in 36 children
We need to act
Autism is treatable
Autism is Biomedical


The Reality of Autism

Reader's discretion advised


Improvement Messages

The Power of Biomedical Support


AIB Mission Statement


  • Sponsor the development of feasible and practical solutions that bring improvement to those living with ASD.

  • Dispense knowledge and education for the biomedical components that afflict ASD and how supporting these biomedical components can bring life changing improvements.


  • Become a beacon of knowledge for solutions to everyday challenges associated with ASD. Educate on the severity and occurrence of ASD.


  • Collaborate with practitioners and corporations that align with the responsible biomedical model.


  • Support individuals in dire financial status to initiate biomedical support


  • Reinforce, Educate and Defend that helping individuals with ASD to improve is and should not be controversial or taboo.


About Us

A team dedicated to finding real answers to the autism epidemic.

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